Oregon is the nation’s #2 ‘Top Moving Destination’


Yet again Oregon ranked in the top 3 of United Van Lines Movers Study. After 3 years in a row of Oregon being the ‘Top Moving Destination’, Oregon dropped to #3 in 2016 losing out to South Dakota and Vermont. In 2017, the number one spot went to Vermont where 68 percent of movers were inbound movers and Oregon inched up.

The study tracks United Van Lines customers’ state-to-state migration patterns over the past year and Oregon came in at #2 with 65 percent of movers coming into Oregon and 35 percent leaving.

Reasons for moving to Oregon? Almost half of movers (49 percent) listed a job as the primary reason for making the move, while another 24 percent listed family as the reason for moving.  The study confirms long-term migration trends of Americans moving from the Northeast and Midwest to the Mountain and Pacific West. For Oregon in particular, a large percentage of movers remains young professionals and retirees leaving California for Oregon where housing costs are relatively lower, climates are more temperate and job growth has been above the national average.