E-commerce disrupts Portland industrial market

Demand from e-commerce retailers has reached fever pitch in Portland. Just 2 years ago, only 0.8% of industrial net absorption was attributed to e-commerce users and in 2017 that figure is expected to rise to 11.5%.  But this number pales in comparison to what the region will see in 2018. 4 new requirements totaling almost 3 million square feet will take e-commerce’s share of net absorption to 51.8 percent.

Not only is demand increasing from e-commerce retailers but so is warehouse size. 3 new developments delivering in 2018 will crack the region’s Top-10 largest industrial buildings list, with the largest being over 1 million square feet.  If we maintain our 5-year average net absorption, together with e-commerce, Portland will realize over 5 million square feet of net absorption, a figure not seen since 2000.