Our Acquisition by JLL 12 Months Later

Happy New Year!

As you know we sold Cresa Portland to JLL just over a year ago.  At the time we were the leading corporate real estate firm in Portland, focused solely on the success of our corporate client’s needs locally, nationally and globally.  The trust you placed in us over the years we knew was perfectly placed pre-acquisition and I’m here to tell you we are better now for our clients than ever before.   While I could write a short book on M&A I will save that for another time.  Simply put, JLL was overly impressive on all fronts during the deal and through integration has met every commitment made to us.

Our team is intact and remains focused on corporate headquarters and portfolio strategic planning, work place strategy, lease, purchase and disposition negotiations, and move and construction management services in Portland, nationally and globally.  You may know Chris, one of the Matts, Annalore, Eric, Niall, Soo or Charlie to name a few, though we are a team of nearly 20 working to support our corporate clients as part of JLL’s 60 person Portland office. 

I thought I’d take a moment and connect with you as we kickoff 2016 with a bit of thanks and reflection.  The reflection is on our first year as part of the JLL team and the thanks is for your continued confidence and trust in us.  The friendship and partnership we share with you has always been and remains inherent in our DNA.  We believe our success is defined by your success and we would not have made this move or had the success we enjoy without your support.  So thank you.

Many of you have asked me “How it’s going?” My response has remained “an unequivocal 10 of 10” and while we all know perfect 10’s might be a slight exaggeration it has been near perfect, particularly for our clients.  The research and reach of JLL is incredible, outshined only by its global teamwork.  This is the largest small company I’ve ever seen and our ability to mobilize resources for you is much stronger than ever before. 

While JLL is a global full service firm, our team remains committed to serving corporate clients.  There were initially questions over a potential loss of our personal touch and perceived conflicts.  Fortunately, after a year no one has told me they feel like a small fish in a big pond.   As I’ve said before, you have our team at the point of the spear and if you ever “aren’t feeling the love”…it’s on our team, not JLL.  Further, JLL’s full service platform has delivered our tenant clients better information and service when JLL is listing or managing the building.  We have worked to improve communication between you and the landlord teams to assure we have early warnings and more transparency around cost increases and potential building issues.  And while we may not like that costs are going up, we are collaborating to secure a better explanation of costs if we can’t get the cost removed.

All said our resources, expertise and the leverage my JLL brothers and sisters bring to our clients is unique and beyond my most optimistic assumptions.  After spending my entire working life in this business I am convinced that I am with the best corporate real estate advisory firm on earth.  I literally feel like a race car driver who 12 months ago was placed in the best car on the track.  We are winning every day for our clients.  It’s been that good, but remains so only with your confidence and trust.  I invite you to email or call me or any of the teammates if you ever have questions or would like to grab a drink or coffee.  We promise not to spam you, so feel free to stay connected through our local blog http://jllpdxtenants.com/ covering information we’ve personally selected for you.  Also, check out these links which take you to some incredible local, national and global research, material covering workplace strategy and other pertinent corporate real estate matters.

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Make 2016 Great!

Thank you again,


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